What is GChat Visichatting

Visichat is a modern, fully-featured and global flash chat software, perfect for live video and voice chat. It is easy to use and install. It supports multiple languages, platforms and payment gateways.

Visichat is equipped with a complete control panel solution, video gallery, customizable banner tool, widgets and an ability to add custom Flash games. The chat software is also easy to integrate with an existing community database, so your users won’t have to register twice.


For chat owners who would like to customize the appearance of the Visichat client, GChat offers the necessary Flash source codes. Current license holders can add custom smileys and tweak the location of widgets in their chat interface.

Visichat chat software can be deployed on a dedicated server or VPS, running Windows or Linux. A step-by-step installation script makes it easy for webmasters to install their chat quickly. Audio and video stream separation is supported for greater performance. Visichat video chat can power your business, virtual classrooms or private communities. It also has a guest mode, which gives you interactive visitor feedback and real-time sense of involvement with your community. The guest mode can be turned off if required.

Businesses that want to support customers via text, audio or video chat will enjoy the one-way feature. The one-way Flash chat in Visichat gives your visitors a streamlined, isolated interface when they want to get help. Customers will not be able to see other users. Your staff, however, can view everyone and can answer pending questions directly through private chat.

The private chat in our video chat is as fully-featured as public chat. Users can talk, transfer credits, insert links, add friends and block abusers. Chatters can open multiple private chat windows at once to talk to several people. They can also manage voice and video options on a per conversation basis.


Moderation is also made easy in Visichat. Moderators can silence, kick or ban users directly from chat. Admins can also setup general IP to country rules and manage users via a fully-featured control panel.


Webmasters and their community have access to an integrated video gallery with real-time preview. Members can see what they have uploaded and when, they can also watch content shared by others that has been previously approved. The administrator can see all user video recordings pending approval, as illustrated below, and can allow or delete files as needed.


Each individual can have a personal display picture associated with his account. The image can be selected from a stock gallery of avatars, made available by the chat room owner, or uploaded from the user’s computer. People can choose not to have a picture, if preferred, which is the default chat behavior. Visichat also makes it possible to disable picture file uploading at admin’s discretion.



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